Good morning guys…

Ok in this video I am trading eurusd and applying a few concepts of the hybrid…

Please take the time to study this video, I hope that it provides a few click moments into understanding how to execute in real-time the theory of the hybrid. 

So here goes…

Please refer to the Image below before you watch the video…

1) The UK started with an influx of volume setting the scene that for the start of the UK session, we are going to see some movement. 

2) Once the movement came in, we are asking ourselves…”Where is the proof?” 

Notice the green vectors trying to hold above the Daily open, (given that the Daily open had been tested twice already)

3) Rise Retrace continuation, notice where my entries were placed.

4) FTD creation green vector at the highs…Climatic volume

Masterclasses to watch: 

Entries: MC 3

Daily Open – MC 69

FTD – MC 26 

Exits – MC 34 

Retraces – MC 58 &MC 68 

The probability of Probing – MC 54 

Shorts – M’s and Ws 

Mad Love 

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