Good morning all… what’s good?

So I am currently getting ready to make my way to the airport.

I am rested and i am focused…and for some of you you may be aware I get frequent migraines. I just had some treatment which has told me what the cause of it is and thank God I won’t be getting them anymore.

So here is the break down.

News play due.

The issue is everyone is anticipating the fed to be very hawkish and are concerned about their aggressive approach to inflation is going to cause problems for the economy.

Remember the market factors this in price.

All my positions above are still open and riding the sentiment lower.

I will be closing these trades closer to the time when I start to fly as I do not want to be involved Ed in trades and I have no control.

Let’s consider why I opened these trades.

We are approaching the build up to the feds approach to resolving the situation in the economy. I opened the shorts across the board because I anticipated euro to start taking the parity zone and recovery of vectors.

The sp 500 and Nasdaq are breaking down and recovering the vectors and word on the street is that the bulls were getting squeezed. So far they are maintaining their behaviour to recover vectors that have been left and not returned to since the move up.

Let’s take bitcoin and ethereums behaviour.

The last video: “The logic of price Movement pt2”

Tells us the relationship of price around the whole and half numbers.

Zones to be aware of in Ethereum : Blue vector candle

Last weeks low which is below the psy low range and the green vector stopping volume candle to the left of the chart in the image above are all points of interest we can exploit.

Zones to be aware of in Bitcoin:

Notice the aggressive hits upwards above the key 21500 zone.

Fast moves up and returns back down?

Are we profiling the idea that the MM is getting ready to release lower?

BE VERY MINDFUL OF THE GREEN VECTOR ON THE 15m time frame at the lows of 20700-20800

Other than that ladies and gentlemen

The Hiatus is over.

But the fire is about to begin.

Will check In with you guys later.

Mad love


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