Yo guys whats good? 

Ok after a lovely time waiting in customs to get my bags checked, they were suspicious as to why I was carrying a mic????

2 Hours later all is well and i do not carry anything that could be deemed as a threat…

As you can see guys from the charts we have had some interesting plays with Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

We know its monday today and we have news coming out this week “The CPI” which is going to be a very interestign thing for the dollar. 

Now lets make the assumption that the data is going to factor in the idea of Oil being cheaper? Will this impact the dollar to the point where traders will stop seeking dollar dominance and start going back to normal? Or is the denial of recession by the fed still giving traders that fear and they will still keep firing the Dollar up? 

Looking at the chart…Monday has played out a wonderful move to the upside, which is aligned with our projections from over the weekend. 

If you made money today…Happy Days. 

Now Lets consider both bitcoin and ethereum…Both at Range Daily Highs. 

Monday = False Move Up

We are looking for proof its going to continue

Wait for the retrace on the 15m time frame towards the 50 ema…

The Hourly Looks very extended on BTC and Ethereum is and will retrace aggressively, so be mindful of ethereums range also. 

Ethereum must break away from 1840 zone to really have a chance at working higher on the vector zones on the 6 hour chart. 

Other than that ladies and gentlemen i will be off radar for the next 5 hours or so and i will update you all when I arrive so we can get back into the swing of things. 

Mini market Maker is doing well…First time on a plane…This will be fun…

Mad Love guys 

Trade Safely…

The Hunt Begins Tomorrow. 

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