Guys, this video is an example of how i handle exposure when a news play appears…

I have done this to help you understand when disparity starts to show its hand. 

In the video, I make the decision to run a short with bitcoin because the Dollar yen was showing the behavior of moving up and bitcoin moving down…

You will see that the video stops at the moment price makes the break up…

I am still holding the trade and waiting for another move up by dollar yen after it has attempted to break the 50 on the 1 hour time frame. 

Bitcoin short will be closed once it makes its way closer to yesterdays low. 

Use this as an example of what to consider when taking trades…The game is about making quick decisions. The take away is if you start to see something that gives you the idea that things could change against your trade…Change direction. 

Will check in with you later gang 

Mad Love 

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