Good evening guys. 

Seems as though tonight, price has been very muted. 

The current psy levels appear as though we may have the range set. The current candle must stay in this range to establish the ranges as static. 

What can we expect? 

IF the price is not doing much, then we anticipate that to be the case going into tomorrow. 

However at around 3 PM GMT UK…This is usually the time we see some movement. I have found this to be the case over the past few weeks. 

Now we are looking for aggressive attempts away from the Psy ranges…

If they do not achieve this from now until the open tomorrow…Then we can anticipate a very active Asian session tomorrow night. 

Sometimes guys, if no trade opportunity presents itself then don’t trade…That’s the problem with trading…When not in a trade, our minds will make use belief there is always an opportunity. 

If you are new to the hybrid…Your goal is to find high-probability trades…One important requirement for high probability trades……Movement…We don’t have that tonight. 

Will check in with you all tomorrow. 

Mad Love 

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