Good evening all…Went to the dentist today…Man, the guy worked a number on me…

Which is why i am messaging you, as opposed to a video…I cant speak properly lol. Should be all good tomorrow. 

So here is what we have planned for next week guys. Try and work around your schedules, if not dont worry there will be replays uploaded. 

Tuesday – Masterclass Session ( Scalping New York, Brinks) 

Wednesday – Masterclass Session – M’s and W’s, How to find them and trade them?

Thursday – Masterclass Session – Vector Candles (Elite Entry – High Risk Play

These Master class sessions will start at 11am and be on for 2 hours…

Before each masterclass session i will do a morning update. 

Tomorrow I will be conducting a weekly projection for Crypto and for Forex. 

For anyone new to the patreon, be sure to review the pinned post at the home page of the patreon as this will give you access to the current playlist which includes the previous masterclasses. 

Use this weekend to relax guys…I am gonna bring to you all next week…The Hunt Starts tomorrow. 

Mad Love 

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