What’s good guys?
Last night was eventful guys….I will be doing this again man. I really enjoyed it.

So this is what I have planned for next year.


Majors – Bitcoin Ethereum and Total Market Caps and relevance to price action.

Establishing why specific Ecosystems are showing activity and exploring which altcoins are rising/falling based on money flows, within these ecosystems.

FOREX – Keeping a close eye on Gold USDJPY and Bitcoin to establish disparity and look to exploit these plays.

Focusing on 9 Forex pairs which will be based on Majors and Minors and establishing peak formations that are developing and the likelihood of the ADR x 3 playing out.
This will be solely off the 1 hour time frame.

I will be doing a video on how to use the ADR x 3 to establish the chance of a cyclical move to the upside/downside based on the percentage of the ADR…

Plus…there I something I am potentially arranging.

A trading room in the UK. Still early days but its something I am in talks with a gentleman. Ao I will keep you posted on that my friends.

Will catch up with you guys later

Mad love T

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