1) Over the weekend I will compile up a cheat sheet
That is very simple in nature.

Now we have had many guys contribute to the channel…

However, this cheat sheet is for the scalpers….

I will include various approaches,
Different zones to exploit..


This cheat sheet is for SCALPERS and your mindset is and must be a SCALPER….

The reason I am doing this is to help you guys take advantage of these ranges that are happening in the charts.

It will split into two aspects.

Forex and crypto…

My goal is to prepare you for all scenarios.

When crypto doesn’t move, we explore forex, and vise versa.


Your homework will be based on exploring the new York sessions.

Go back in the chart and find the reversals.

Explore the Reversal points in relation to the previous Asian sessions…

What do you see?

This exercise alone will prep you for new York sessions and not be surprised by anything.

Submit to tino@tradersreality.com…

Good luck gang.

Mad Love


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