What’s good guys?

So the plan for tomorrow is simple.

We are hunting…

Today’s price action has been controlled and market makers have done a good job of shaking out the players who though of one direction, when they ended up going the other.

In tomorrow mornings video I will be revealing the weekly projection

Why not now?

Because the start of London tomorrow and Asia’s intention this evening will reflect the likelihood that if the direction is not established tomorrow, then we could end up bouncing this current range that we are stuck in.

So get yourselves ready.

We will be doing the updates.

The live streams.. at 2pm gmt Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then the evening streams at 10pm gmt for the days above.

Remember. We have no bias to direction. All we do is trade intention…

Wednesday….Master Class Session part 2 of scalping.

Get ready for that one.

Mad love to you all.


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