Yo guys, 

Paying attention to the market makers intention, above i have drawn out the projected zone or journey if you will, that bitcoin is likely to take on. 

The yellow pattern is longer term, the red is for short term…

Throughout this, consider the following: 

what are the 5 and 13 ema doing to grant a valid reason or bias towards the upside? 

Is the market maker considering inducing more retail traders so he can mark up his shorts higher, at the same time take out previous pools of liquidity? 

Your goal, is to justify the confluences, to warrent price rising higher…

As always, the name of the game is to stay in trading and focus on execution….Be mindful, the market makers at any point can surprise us…

Keep a close eye on the 5 and 13 ema. 

Mad Love to you all 

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