Good evening guys…

We all understand that preparation is underestimated.

But effective preparation is what helps you apply your edge in this game.

Monday is and always will be the false move…how is the false move going to play out? That my friends is down to your understanding and screen time that you train your eyes to.

Can you stay away from the charts?

Can you be disciplined to wait for Tuesday? You wouldn’t want your food to be rushed when you go to a restaurant…you want it cooked, so you wait. Likewise,

You only want to wait for optimum conditions so that you can apply your edge as effectively as possible.

Use tomorrow as a review…go through last weeks price action…

Understand how they have behaved, zoom out,draw zones, find brinks box trades. Count how many times price comes back to the 50 ema and what it does after it comes back..

See hindsight is easy, however, we are training our eyes on something that we see happen day in and day out.

Tomorrow, mini market maker needs my assistance. Get yourselves ready for Tuesday. You know those updates will be coming through.

Thank you guys

Mad love to you all

Let the hunt begin

Trade well my friends.


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