Whats good guys? I hope everyones weekend is going well…

As we go into the start of a new week, I must remind you that It is Bank Holiday Monday for the UK…This means that the Banks are closed…

Yes crypto will still be traded, however we are down a liquidity pool. 

London’s retail traders (Banks, Hedge Funds) will not be at the offices. 

Now this can have an impact on the way price is going to behave. 

I have drawn out these potential zones to help you identify the possibility of price coming to these zones…

What would need to happen for price to get there? 

What time of day would be ideal to consider that price may have a good chance getting there? UK session, New York…? 

The basis of this exercise is to help you prepare your charts…

It is still the weekend and you can see that the zones have been exploited and the market makers are taking advantage of the retail trader who is not patient. 

Keep your charts open, monitor price…DO not be tempted on the first big candle you see…We know that over the weekend its low liquidity and high volatility…Let the dust settle and then take the shot. 

See you tonight all 

Mad Love 

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