Yo guys, I thought i would take the time to say well done on everyones progression… I do see all your messages, i see the tags where you mention profits and demonstrate understanding…Well done guys. Frankly, you all are turning into hunters and you should all give yourselves some credit..

The way I deliver the information, as forward and demanding as it is, there is a matter of urgency behind it…If I cant get you interested by use of being forward and straight to the point. You will get bored. 

So this is what is going to happen. I am going to do a give away for the Market Maker patreons Only. 

I am also going to arrange a private stream with you all. ( This may be a regular thing, i am working out the dynamics of how to do this with Mike and Infernix… 

These private streams will be similar to the Stage, however there will be more conversations to be had and i will explore in detail trades i have taken, but the goal is to get you to ask questions that you may not get answered in streams, but more so messages that you may have sent me that i have yet to review. These sessions will be designed for you guys to get any questions that you may have put to bed…

You may also see that i can’t receive messages in the discord. For some reason, people keep calling me at crazy hours, especially at 5am in the morning. 

Again, well done to all of you…You guys are really growing as traders…Keep in your mind…We “Become Traders” no one is born a trader. 

See you at the Stage 

Mad Love 

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