You have probably heard me say this many times.

Sample size is very important in trading.

Take a casino, along as people are playing their games, over a huge sample size, the casinos edge is executed and they win in the long run….

Same with trading.

We have an edge in this game.

It’s about training the eyes to see the set ups that are favorable to either the upside or downside…

Now there will be variation of the development of the behavior of price. We have to be OK with this.

If a move does not play out…that’s fine….variance…find that same set up and apply it 100 times, and you will see it will have a high win rate.

Some plays work some don’t….fact is, this is the reality of the game we are in.


Your goal is to find a set up…”Pay to Play”

Keep it cheap for you.

But also give the coin you are trading a chance to move.

You will get it…


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