Your probably writing a journal…Now a journal is something considered to be quite private. Its an area where you write your thoughts about any experiences related to trading.

My belief with journals is this. The only feedback you can receive is from yourself, this can be done when you review your journal.

The question is, are you learning from your journal?

Would another perspective, someone outside of your thinking, reviewing your journal be helpful?

I have received numerous emails from traders explaining to me the problems they have with their trading. I have quite lengthy emails, the descriptions of these emails is like reading a novel.

Those who I have replied to have found a huge benefit in my response to breaking down their situation on trading. You will only know where you stand if you have “an outsider”, review your content.

When I read these emails I see a common trait. Everyone always starts with the issue about trying to understand why they are losing. By the time they have finished their email, they are back to square one.

I am offering the opportunity to review anyone’s journal. Now you may or may not feel like you need to have your journal reviewed. But I have found that it has helped many traders by having a second opinion.

Ultimately, the emphasis of journalling is to help you understand your behaviour. Frankly, it’s biased. Are you going to be completely truthful? No one is going to challenge your journal. At the same token, is your reflection actually helping you?

My goal is to review the journals and provide feedback on behaviours that I have noticed, in my trading and other traders and what to do and how to address them moving forward.

The service you subscribe to will be on going and terminates when you feel ready to move forward without my help. As long as you writing your journal and sending it over to me to review and provide guidance on patterns that may be causing you to lose, then I know that I am serving you well.

Why am I charging a Fee?. Simple…You as the purchaser feel an obligation to send your journal and expect a service. Myself as the vendor, have to full fill the requirement of the service offered. In other words, those who pay will receive the full service and more.

I am not charging the world. You would pay more for a coffee.

The beauty is this. You can send me journal, it can be current journals, past and even on going.

The idea is to provide you feedback on every journal entry.

If I can notice a pattern that can improve your trading then I will discuss this with you in detail. It’s as simple as that.

Trade well friends


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