Good evening guys… As usual guys…HD version is processing…

Tonight’s video answers a few questions asked in the discord. 

More so I give you my insight into what to expect tonight from the following assets: 





SP 500 




I dive into todays price action regarding the great time we had in the discord. 

I will also apologize to you regarding how slow my computer was during the video. 

Will be checking in with you all tomorrow morning for any 5 minute plays due to come into fruition. 

Remember BOJ Kuroda is speaking this evening…two hours before frankfurt open…Eyes on USDJPY and Yen…Yen needs to drop lower…If it doesnt it would mean investors are running to safety which would lead gold to move back up also…

Hyblock Images are attached below..

You did well today guys..

The fire begins tomorrow…

Mad love 

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