Good evevning guys…

Here is the recording from todays session…I will be sharing this video to the youtube members also as this was originally a saturday stream, unfortunately connectivity with streamlabs was difficult. 

Quick updates: 

1) As it stands, I am currently sorting out alot of back office for traders reality.

I believe what we are arranging, i hope that you welcome, however it is being designed so that you guys get the best information and specific times so you guys can also schedule your days around the times I come on so it’s managable. 

I hope you guys have been staying away from trading. See the funny thing is, the weekend carries some of the biggest moves, however, what better way to induce people to trade…If you decide to trade, proceed with caution…Always have capital for the busiest times of the week…Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. 

2) Now some of you may or may not have joined the facebook page and group. There has been an adjustment and we are removing the “Traders Reality1” page and reverting it back to the original “Traders Reality” Page, which i didnt have access to…( this is because I didnt have the patience to change the passwords) 

So now we have the original Traders Reality Facebook page which you can find below, I hope to see you there. 

The Twitch Channel has also been changed (lol I know) It’s the same for the facebook page, issue with passwords being changed lol.

As I type this, I have mike Dutch and Infernix on the line and things are all falling into place. 

I hope you guys enjoy the changes. 

Mad Love 

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