Good evening guys…

So reviewing the schedule I have now come up with an adjustment which I believe is going to work for us all. 

Let’s look at the basis of what is happening with Stage. 

The Stage chat is awesome, communicating with you throughout the day is awesome, we sure do have a laugh and a joke man. 

However I am finding that there is only a set amount of people that are able to attend the Stage and I know I record the videos however based on what i was doing before hand with the frequent updates, this was fitting with the majoirty of peoples schedule as they could refer back to these smaller videos as it was concentrated and precise. 

The longer videos, granted yes they have the information, but one is led to shift through because they are quite long.

So I am going to keep the Stage Chat to one day a week which will be on a wednesday from 11am – 12:30pm. However I will be doing frequent updates as I previously was. I feel this will help more people and I would be of the understanding that every one of the patreons is getting the content, rather than missing out on the stage chats. I guess its better to feel that you missed out on one stage chat, than missing out on 3 and having to go through many hours of recordings. 

I hope that this is welcomed by you all…

As of tomorrow I will revert back to the daily updates. I have adjusted the Tiers information to factor the above so please check that out.

Tomorrow, the hunt continues. 

Mad Love and Respect to you all. 

P.s. Forgive me for the frequent changes…This is all in part of the Face Revealing Plan…

Goodnight all

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