Hello Traders, 

This is a very short post update from the previous post on “Trading A Small Account – Live Trade”

I am posting the trade’s progress. Now as shown, the account had a £73.50 worth of deposits. (Click the link above to see the first post) The purpose was to try out CMC markets platform.

The great news is the market makers started making moves and I simply followed their moves and built positions along side them. 

The video shows the accounts current progression. 

The purpose of demonstrating this is to show traders that when you are in flow with the market, without hesitating and taking the trade, you are able to see returns daily from the market. 

I opened the account with CMC to test the waters. Like most new traders, I didn’t open a demo account and placed trades to see how the platform behaved. I went straight in and deposited small and made entries as and when they were presented. You must always be engaged with real money. You are then accountable for every decision you make. 

When you have a small account, do not be intimidated because your account is small and you won’t make a lot of money per point. The video shows the account value and each point is worth £1. 

This is the power of trading light. 



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