There is no doubt trading is one of the most difficult professions….Why? Simple….it’s all based on the art of responsibility….

Trading entices people with the wrong set of motives….Don’t get me wrong, those who want to “become” Traders, to change their lifestyle, spend more time with the family and all the positive things that come with it. Great intentions…but

I have to stop you there……

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your good intentions for wanting to trade will reflect your success in this game.

The narrative that most focus on, keeps people out of the game…

What is it then?

You want to trade to make money? Don’t we all?

The question is, if I were to ask you “if I gave you a million dollars, would you still trade?

If you respond to this question and say no….then trading isn’t for you.

You have to want to learn the science of the game. Because you will experience so many pitfalls that by nature are designed to keep you out of the game, yet the “what if” scenario will always play into your minds….and you come back to the game feeling hopeful again.

There has never been a time I didn’t pray, I always believed that if I did good then my trading would be good….

As much as we can think this way….it doesn’t work In trading…

You can pray that your mind is balanced, but to really succeed in trading. You have to want to “master” the way things work.

Everyday you come to the charts, place a trade, it’s a representation of your understanding of whatever system you use, within the market place…

I ain’t saying the above to scare you….

If anything I am trying to get you to forget about the money…
Focus on the execution.

New traders, this will be a very challenging quest for you. But rest assured I will be sure to guide as many of you as possible.

But I need you to love the game of trading not the result.

Schedule will be sent over to you later guys.

Mad love


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