What’s good guys?

Internet decides to return. Perfect timing considering its 4am in the morning.

I want to update you all on a couple of things…

I have used today to get some structure behind how stage is run so that it makes life easier for new people joining the patron, but more importantly, the vets who have been supporting and learning with me from day one…

Over the weekend you will receive a schedule..

This schedule is going to alleviate you ever having to ask…”Is Tino streaming tonight” with the exception of Internet going down..(I am having a new supplier installing another line provided by a separate network from the one I use) in otherwords, covering bases when or if today’s events were to happen again.

The streams will also have structure. The streams will take it back to “the classroom”…I admit, I have been streaming and not taking into consideration of new people passing through, and when they ask questions like ” what is a vector candle” I get lost into the depths of ignorance and assume that everyone in the streams already knows what I’m talking about…

Naturally, if new people are coming in, then you will understand the importance of the “Jumper Story”

I believe structure is going to improve everyone’s journey towards proficiency…ultimately, we are here to understand something, make sense of something that appears in plain sight…and capitalise on it….

See you in tomorrow’s stream guys.

Thank you….and again, I’m sorry about today.

Mad Love


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