IN order to understand how “patterns” or “moves” develop we need to dive into the lower time frames. 

Above there are 3 arrows. 

Light Green – This is where the market maker steps in, What is he doing? Notice how these green vectors are appearing below the 1.3000 zone. 

Look at the Red Arrows, quick profit taking, adding longs? 

Blue arrows – Look at the recover of these, except for the larger green vector at the low of the day. 

The question is…Will they return price back down to this big green vector on the 1 minute, or will they hold this zone and move aggressively away from the 1.3000.

Funny thing is, they can move aggressively, it’s the 1 minute chart…

What we want to see, is the 200 ema on the 1 m trade below price, that way we will understand that they are starting to favor price moving back up…

Let’s see what they reveal. 

Mad Love 

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