What’s good guys…
So I hope you are managing to get through the last post regarding the bookmap….today I am disconnecting from charts…(which is a lie)..trying to prepare myself for this week’s price action…
A worthy hunt is not achieved, if you are injured or not rested.

However…over the last few streams, since Thursday and Friday, we have been exploring the basis that if price was to continue higher, we would need to see an aggressive move.

We got that yesterday with the hunt down towards 59k

Remember….we were expecting a level three drop which we got and a big W formation appeared….can you see it..?

The image above is the wick of last week’s price action.

Get ready.

We could make an attempt to ATH this week…Ideally by the mid week we could see 70k…

But expect retraces…

Market maker doesn’t move price for free.

Catch up with you later guys.


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