Guys I can’t seem to add the image I want to add about bitcoin…it’s gets worse man I can’t believe this.

Time to envision..

Bitcoin is currently preparing to test the 800 ema on 15m which is the 200 ema on the hourly.

Mark off a retrace potential back to the 54900 zone so they can build more shorts above that zone.

Momentum may be pushing price lower so prepare to see the ADR low and Yesterdays low if momentum is present…

Remember the 200ema may release orders for the traders who believe price will break lower once it breaks this zone.

Wait till it shows a fake retrace back up and we should then see price drift lower towards the previous green vector.

USDJPY – Dollar yen is drifting upwards. Be mindful news announcements are due out today…they could be marking her up for a sharp pullback…Dollar yen is extremely extended and when the shorts are to be released by the market maker you will know what to expect.

Again guys I am really sorry it’s got to this situation.

Mad love guys.


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