What’s good guys? To all new patreons, and the day ones. I hope you are well and ready for another mad week at the charts.

Below is what to expect this week.

Tuesday- Daily updates on price action and particular coins preparing for moves -(MM Tier)

Wednesday – New Patreons Beginner Masterclass 11AM GMT London

Thursday (MM TIER) Masterclass – Catching Moves (Trading Room Style..This session is going to focus primarily on coins that are preparing to make a potential move and how we can exploit them…i am aiming to find at least 4 coins. 11AM GMT London.

Friday – MMM Day out.

Saturday – Projections stream. 8PM GMT LONDON – In this session I want to help you guys understand when to trade and when not to trade by focusing on the previous weekend’s performance.

Hopefully, this week’s schedule will give you guys clarity into the hybrid and more so I hope all the guys who have been with me for a long time will achieve many more click moments.

Let the hunt begin

Mad love


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