Yo gang….

In this video we explore what to expect from bitcoin…

Secondly, you will find below the times for the schedule and what to expect this week…

Tuesday – Daily Updates – Tomorrow I will be exploring which coins are making patterns, coming away from zones, ATH and will be doing a video on whatever i come across so you guys can put them into your lists. This will start from 9:30am 

Wednesday  11AM – MASTERCLASS – Q&A first Half – Reviewing previous concepts – Will include a New PDF provided by Gunit and talk through this. 

Thursday 11AM – Book Map Session for Scalping/reading momentum. 

Friday – Mini Market Maker Providing me lessons on correct use of Grammer…(Thats a naughty word Daddy) 

More Importantly, guys get yourselves rested… A New daily candle prints very shortly…We will know bitcoins move to the upside is valid if we see a continuation…

Mad Love Guys 

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