What’s good guys…?

I thought i would update you to prepare you for the weekend…

No trading on the weekends…. Simple…

Most of you will be aware why i go on about the weekends… Too many get liquidated and it ruins your efforts you put into this strategy… I may stream and post daily to help you all understand this game, but dont fall victim to the hype that happens on the weekend.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursdays – are the most pivotal days.
Most of you made cake on these days. So why would you pay attention to any other day of the week, especially the weekends…

Use this weekend to reflect.

You have so much to work with, which if you study, will bring you closer to proficiency….

Tomorrow is friday…. Two things can happen… Either we see a boring day in the market or someone says something.

Elon is known to tweet around this time. Watch out.

I have my mini market maker and tomorrow ill be limited to the frequent posts… No doubt i will keep you posted where i can…

Again… Use this time to study… Give me your weekends… And i will give you cake.

Mad love to you all guys.

I got ya backs



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