Whats good guys, hope you are enjoying your day, getting ready for the super bowl madness later on tonight.

Ok just to put into perspective. The guys who were chosen for the private stream were selected randomly from the homework stream that was done last week. So anyone that is new to the patreon, do not worry…

Now this is someting i am planning on doing in the future where i will be selecting people from the market maker tier to attend the same thing.

This is not a one off. I will be doing these private streams as often as possible, as i will be streaming sooner which will give me more time to do the private streams.

The Plan for today will be the usual stream on a sunday. Then shortly after i will do the private stream.

For the record…The stream will be shared for everyone to view later…

I hope everyone is all good with this…

Can all the guys who are part of the private stream please make sure you message me on patreon as discord has caused some concern as to whether it is me replying as there are some guys trying to pretend to be me.

Look forward to later guys…Mad Love T

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