It’s been a while since I last posted, however I will explain what has been happening.

Having collaborated with Osher Group I have been assigned to provide market analysis for the clients over there.

That doesn’t mean those who follow Traders Reality won’t see the benefit.

Last week I was posting trading opportunities for clients over at Osher Group, You will find those HERE

Today I posted a lovely 50+ Pip move from my analysis on USDJPY. Below are the events that unfolded.

The criteria for this opportunity was as follows:

Entry 113.250

Stop – 113.500

Target – 112.750

Below is a video of the trade being closed.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the benefit of the service provided by Osher Group

The clients at Osher Group receive these signals at no cost. All that is required is they open an account with Osher Groups Trusted brokers. All profits earned on this account go directly to our client.

This is why I am working with Osher Group, their goal is to support traders on their journey. Now not all the clients ask that the group trade for them, some just take the signals and contact Osher Group traders if they need any guidance.

This is a great opportunity for anyone new to trading to take advantage of. Click below to find out more information

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