This is a small post on how maintaining discipline can help you achieve serious results in Forex. 

Now I recently opened an account with CMC markets. They are heavily regulated and I wanted to check out their platform. 

So here is the deposit I made a few days ago. 

So a small deposit of £73.50. 

I only deposited small because I wanted to gather a feel of what thier platform was like to trade. 

I am impressed. 

So over the past few days I have been focusing on USDJPY behaviour. The market makers have been on a accumulation phase, pushing prices lower in anticipation to close them at higher prices. 

Now on Sunday 10th September I decided, also based on price action, that the market makers may want to start the mark up phase. So I started to join them on their journey. 

The red, what looks like a figure 8 is where i based my entry. 

So I made my entry on this price action from the market makers. 

The current standing on my CMC account is as follows:

I started this account £73.50. I wanted to test the platform and have managed to catch an mark up phase by the market makers. If you look closer to the image you will see the entry date and time. 

The Trade is still live and I have locked in profits. So whatever happens, I don’t care….Profit has been locked. 

Now as you can see, I have actively built my positions alongside the market makers movement.

This is an example of trading with a small account, having the discipline and patience. Forex can reward you ONLY if you are prepared to become one with the market. Forget the EGO. Flow with the market. 

I hope this can allow you to see the true potential in Forex. Only if you are willing to be patient. 

Trade well friends 



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