Whats good guys…HD version is still processing…So give it time 

Today’s video is talking you through the logic of finding zones and scaling up the charts for what looks like price may work towards…

However, during this video, I break down the idea of Mindset and the challenges we are faced with when you come to take trades. 

I take a trade on ES and talk you through the scenarios that enter our minds…

Take your time with this episode… The screenshot below shows you why you must always stick to an idea until it is fully challenged. 

But it doesn’t stop there…If my logic was favoring higher prices, what does cutting a loss soon do for you? 

Allows you to enter…

The final screenshot shows the move playing out and managing to achieve a gain of around $500. 

I hope it hits home to a few of you when you next come to the charts. 

Mad Love 

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