Most of the people in crypto are looking at their “Crypto Bags” and asking themselves, “Is it really worth the pain of watching a coin valued at $90 drop down to $1…”what if it happens to other coins I hold?”

“But that is what crypto is about” (They are told)

“Just hoooooold bro”

“Diamond hands baby”

You hear me say it….

There is no glory in holding assets that are losing you money.

Why would you hold a losing trade?

One thing I have learned about crypto is you do become receptive to all the “100x soon” scenarios.

When you truly understand crypto. E.g “Staking” then crypto is really nothing different to stocks.

Warren buffet…always pays himself. When he has absorbed a move or a stock has or is experiencing a change in management/philosophy or product is not growing…He moves on to the company or stock that is trying to entice an investor like warren to pick up a few million shares. The stocks he holds on to, pay him dividends…we understand this as token rewards in staking.

Where am I going with this….?

Crypto is the same. Now I’m not saying sell all your crypto. But the problem is volatility. It’s great for a trader. Great for a holder but also bad for both.

To make the decision as to whether or not you want to hold a bag of crypto or you want to trade and build a bag through your trading decisions and not rely on coins 100x move…then now is the time to decide.

I love markets that drop, I love them when they rise.

But from now on I am going to encourage as many of you as possible to start approaching crypto trading as TRADING….

How many of you really believe a coin can 100x when you see it posted by someone throwing the emojis and the hype that it will 100x?.

We are not strangers to pump and dumps.

People are getting savvy when it comes to crypto.

But traders in crypto are still coming to the game with the idea that it’s crypto or nothing.

Don’t do this. You are Traders…Up or down is all you seek. Not whether the coin has a great utility to it. Take your chances with stocks if you want to understand utility of an asset. Luna had a great utility till it was manipulated at the expense of those who believed in its purpose and longevity.

I’m not trying to steer you away from crypto.

I’m trying to help you evolve into Hybrids.

All you should seek is movement.

Base assets like DXY (Dollar index) dictate where you should start looking.

Volatility measure: 1 high 5 low

Crypto 1

Stocks 3

Forex 2

Indices 2

Now we dissect and hunt for the assets.

We have our parameters (Hybrid System)

We filter confluences.

We trade

We pay ourselves

We cut our losses

We rinse…

And repeat.

The practise of being able to improve the decisions you make in using the structure above, gives us the blessing of being able to break it down and focus on areas that we can improve.

Holding crypto (diamond hands mentality)

Well they are diamond hands, but you are chained.

Be Movement, be flexible, be honest, be willing…

Be Hybrid.

Mad love


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