I am going to be completing a video today – one that will be exploring how to understand the cycles. 

Granted, we have come from a W formation from the downside, price is continually rising. 

This week will determine whether or not bitcoin and ethereum will retrace to reset..This is all we are waiting for.The reset…Once that occurs and we are at a moving average, we will see a pattern and make our decisions based on this. 


The difference between learning a course omn trading and learning from a stream is hindsight does not really leave much of an impression. You are actively translating information in real time. This is the best AND ONLY way you can learn…Will things always play out? No, why is this good? because you are not being sold a dream about a strategy that can achieve 80% success rate…Remember, by watching the streams you are continously learning how to translate the market makers behaviour…So in the future if you ever see behaviour like this from bitcoin or ethereum you will know how to manage your expectations of entries. 

I am looking forward to doing the one to ones…I believe this is going to put alot of people at ease and understand what to expect from the strategy. 

Trade Well My Friends.


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