Yo-Yo Yo, what’s good everybody? 
Well, this post has been well overdue, however, I guess when it comes to working progress, I am of the understanding that the structure of Patreon as it stands is serving everybody well.
Well, that’s what I am hoping for.
If you are new to Patreon. You need to START HERE. 
Please watch the video above as this will explain what to expect from joining the Traders Reality Patreon. 
Below are links to playlists that include videos from streams that I believe will give you a head start to understanding the hybrid. 
More focus must be placed on the “Masterclass” playlist as this will be continually updated with in-depth videos regarding each aspect of the Hybrid system…
Moving forward, I hope that those who are new to trading, will achieve success not just in trading, but more so in the practice of the Hybrid System. 
We all want to make money, that is true, but in order to get there we must prepare our minds. 
Patreon will take you on a journey, now it may take some longer to understand how to use this system, but just know, I will be there to guide you towards the number one goal…PROFICIENCY.
I look forward to engaging with all new patreons. 
To the current Patreons…The Hunt is all we strive for…
See you in the streams. 
Mad Love 
“UNDERSTANDING THE HYBRID” – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbBPPTpCLCmSHvjxwiIgwAGPA-pXs312c 
“HOW TO” – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbBPPTpCLCmT8i2xu6uur9SuZIHifxfja


The Masterclasses are available through the https://tradersreality.com/ website where you will use your Patreon log in details to get access. 

Short Videos – If You Have Joined The Market Maker Tier, Explore the short videos that have been created as “Go to” videos if you quickly need reminding of any aspects of the hyrbid. This is a new addition and is being populated each day – 


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