Yo guys what’s good

So you may be aware of the chaos in the UK regarding fuel…

However, managed to speak to a market maker and he loaded up some fuel at a service station near me so I have managed to fill up..so all being well. Things should be OK.

Interesting weekend…Notice I have not posted…why…you may have been tempted to trade…look how volatile it is has been…have you explored the news articles being released? Take xrp…supposedly, institutional funds are loading up.

See when we witness price basing, this is consistent with accumulation in a zone.
Once they are complete…they will then need to come out of that zone.

The big green Vector above should be the start of a move higher.
We must wait….

We have been building this pattern and earlier today we notice bitcoin aim towards the lows.

Is this the market maker trapping more shorts?

Pay attention to the notable Candles coming in at the lows.

Are we setting up for a recovery?

Tonight we shall see what they have in store for us.

However we are not out just yet…

If price can break above the 50….always wait for the retrace. Continuation.

Will update you guys later on today.

Mad love to you all.


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