What’s good guys? I hope you are all well? 

So I have just completed a video for the channel and wanted to let you know what you will receive this evening. 

Firstly I will be doing a crypto video update…Looking for specific zones…

Forex Update- Tonight i will anticipate the psy levels to form on MT4 which will be at 10PM GMT UK time…Once that Is done I will send you over my projections for the following assets: 





Two of the assets above (USDCAD and AUDUSD) are commoditiy assets so an understanding on what gold and Oil is doing will help us understand what to expect from these assets. 

Crypto Assets I will discuss: 





And a little something special i received which i want to share with you because I know you guys are going to dive into what I have to reveal so that will be very interesting to see what you guys find with it…

Till then guys, sit tight and I will check in with you shortly. 

Mad Love 

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