Today has been a Bank holiday in England, also a holiday in the states. 

I remember a time when I would trade on such days, thinking I would be able to take advantage of the slow activity. Most of the time, I would deplete my account. I guess we have to learn some way or another. 

So tomorrow will be a new trading week, I will post this weeks activity towards the end of the week. Same format as last weeks. 

Below is a snap shot of where we are at with the account. 

So the aim of this week is to pay attention to what the market makers are trying to achieve. Are thye bullish or bearish? Now I can safely say I never have an idea of where price will go. However the market makers tend to leave trails. Foot prints. It’s our job as traders to take their movements and get in and get out as fast as we can. No room for leaving money on the table. 

Will update accordingly. 

Trade well My Friends. 

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