What’s good guys?
Well this trading session turned out to be quite a long one. 
This is why timing is so important when it comes to the markets…
Throughout this session, we are trading GBPUSD. My goal was to scalp, however, the tight range that GBPUSD was contained within, was giving me the heads up that a volatile move was on the cards. 
I was paying close attention to DXY during this time and you will notice that during the development of the move, we could see areas in the chart that DXY was preparing for. 
As I came to close the trades, I left two trades open, and you will find the image below where I was building the longs just before news announcements…
This is what you will find with the Hybrid. There are specific points in the chart that engage the idea of “metagame” when it comes to trading. You are forever being tested to do the wrong thing, however when you put together logic and keep risk to a level you can manage, you can test your logic and eventually, it works in your favor. 
It’s a long one, but lots to take in…
Mad Love 

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