What’s good guys… I am aware that the website is not playing the live trading videos, that will be sorted this evening for you all so you can watch them. I will be adding todays video to there also in case this one you have gets lost in patreon. 

Give the video a few moments to buffer for HD or refresh it and you should be good to go. 

So in this video, i am trading the SP500 on one of the funded accounts. 

The takeaway from this video is taking whatever you can from a move. Whether it’s moving up or down, your goal is to take as much of a move “you think” you can take. 

Some of the best traders in the world will look to take the first 10% of a move or the last 10%…If you grab the whole move, welcome to home runs….

I have attached the image where i was deciding to try and take advantage of move movement, but considering the zone that we were in was showing signs of a reversal i had to prevent myself from being “sucked in” by the market. 

I hope it helps.

Mad Love 

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