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  1. Michiel

    January 20, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    Thanks for this great session! I’d like to share my notes of this MC here as I find it useful to use as a reference. Feel free to add more or correct me:

    —Liquidity points/dots—
    If you see the Hyblock red/green dots (liquidity point), these are the relevant points in the chart where a lot of traders likely got enticed to put a trade in by fast and big moves. A lot of liquidation points will be created around this zone

    —Liquidation zones—
    When price hits a liquidation zones, wait for price to reverse from it, it could be forming a bigger pattern.
    Caution: Sometimes liquidation zones are really close but MM may decide not to go for them.
    Liquidation zones should be considered as TP points and it’s important to note that price can reverse once these zones get hit.
    You can trade from these zones if you see confluences of a stop hunt reversal (e.g. FTD)
    Confluence examples shown in video:
    3 hits to the high/low + forming a pattern right after seeing a couple dots

    As shown around 50:00 mark: sometimes they want to keep previous liquidity (open trades) committed by breaking an EMA several times but without confirmation candle/conviction, they could likely be planning a stophunt in the other direction in this case.
    Ask why they are containing price/liquidity in a zone, perhaps a fake move is about to play out? What has been the last big move, are they trying to make longs or shorts commit to the chart?

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