Yo guys, just a heads up for the following you were selected for the private stream tonight…I am looking to do the projections stream will be at 8pm…then the private stream at 9PM…

The private stream is to help you answer any questions about any trades you may have taken that may need some light on…Wins or losses…We can dive into what any of you may need help with…

1) Asinov

2) Awetas

3) Greg – Mr FTD 

4) Magix 

5) Adam Powers

6) MIKE V 

7) Sophia 

8) Blacksons 

9) Meta Gamer (Malaka time lol) 

10) Lars 

11) Rayyn

12) Bella B 

13) Strategic 

14) Pancho 

15) Prem Chetty

16) Gunit – Unfortunately, he won’t be able to make tonights stream, he has asked to pass this over to someone else so i have chosen OMAR 

17) George Patterns

So i will be trying to get voice into this and this will be done by means of the discord, but it will be a youtube stream that i will be recording for later viewing…

Please let me know if everyone is able to attend…

Stream will be uploaded at a later date 

Mad Love Guys 

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